Australia’s new body for driving mining research and innovation, Mining3, is officially up and running.

More than 100 mining stakeholders across government and industry attended Mining3’s launch in mid-November 2016.

Many key industry representatives delivered presentations on the future of mining and current research projects.

Mining3 chairman Laurie Hammond opened the launch and other pertinent participants who presented included AngloGold Ashanti executive vice president planning and technical Graham Ehm and University of Queensland chief scientist Dr Geoff Garrett.

Dr Garrett shone the spotlight on the mining industry lagging other sectors with technology innovation and adoption. He said the key to accelerating innovation in resources was collaboration between researchers and industry.


CSIRO Mineral Resources and CRCMining teamed up to create Mining3 in mid-2016, which aims to develop new technologies to improve productivity, sustainability and safety for the resources sector.

Mining3 achieves this through partnering with universities and resources companies to collaborate on research and technology to develop new extraction and processing methods as well as equipment.


Through its research collaborations, Mining3 is currently working on a plethora of projects.

One project the institute is studying is alternative explosive methods to the traditional drill and blast extraction process. A current challenge using current explosives is the post blast nitrogen oxide fumes which are toxic and pose a risk to exposed miners.

In conjunction with the University of Queensland, Mining3 is testing an explosive formulation which can eliminate nitrogen oxide gases and make this stage of mining, particularly in coal deposits, safer.

Another technology Mining3 is refining is acoustic sensing to detect faults in mine conveyor belts. If a conveyor belt breaks down, this can cause interrupted production and create hazards.

Using this sensor technology, a fibre-optic cable is installed along the conveyor. The cable will relay acoustic signals, which can “hear” bearing and roller faults, minimising the amount of routine inspections needed and unplanned downtime.


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