Everything to know about Reconditioned Parts

In today’s dynamic mining and civil construction sectors, machinery uptime and performance is what drives success. Margins are thin and timelines tight, which is why it’s crucial to complete regular maintenance with access to affordable and reliable earth moving machinery parts.

Those in the industry know it; mining and earthmoving is rough and dirty work. Machinery parts do wear over time and when a replacement part is needed, it’s needed fast and with quality assurance. Have you found yourself asking the question of buying new versus reconditioned parts? In this blog we’ve put together a few points on reconditioned parts to help inform your decision.

Benefits of buying reconditioned machinery parts

Depending on servicing constraints you may be required to source new machinery parts, however, the fact is reconditioned parts can be up to 70% cheaper than new and offer the same level of performance and reliability.

In addition to the cost saving, there are numerous processes in place to ensure you still get the quality you need from reconditioned earth moving machinery parts.

Resolute Equipment Reconditioned Parts

How parts are reconditioned

In general, the process of reconditioning earth moving machinery parts is as follows:

  • Machines are identified, inspected and washed, with fuel and oils collected and disposed according to strict environmental standards
  • Individual parts are removed and individually cleaned for visual inspection
  • Those that pass visual inspection are tested and measured
  • Those that pass testing and are deemed suitable for reuse are treated for rust and painted
  • Parts are then boxed and stored for quick access.

A final check is the serial number. Matching serial numbers is vital, so an important part of the reconditioning process is making sure that serial numbers and part numbers are highlighted for easy identification.

Ask us about earth moving machinery parts

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