When considering new earthmoving equipment for a construction or mining project, a purchaser’s first priority is a product’s quality and reliability.

This is according to a Timetric survey conducted throughout 2014 and 2015, which questioned more than 600 heavy equipment buyers and decision makers around the world about the key factors that influenced purchasing choices.

Out of the purchasers canvassed, the second highest priority, when ordering equipment, was availability of replacement parts and attachments. On-time delivery and installation came in as the third highest-rated consideration. Although, the survey found that delivery and installation was a higher priority for more remote operations such as in Africa compared to Australia.

Other critical factors for purchasers included: trusted brands, a previous working relationship with a supplier, on-site demonstration of equipment and service, product samples/trials and other customers’ case studies.

Buyers Want Reliable Equipment and Suppliers

With volatility rife in commodity prices and energy costs, operators seek dependability and efficiency wherever they can and this includes heavy equipment purchases and hiring.

The Timetric survey identified several criteria buyers used when deciding to switch to a new supplier. The most important concern was a supplier who could understand a business or project’s specific needs. Decision makers also want to build long-term relationships with suppliers and looked for those who had good track-records and testimonials.

equipment buyers want quality and reliablity

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