According to a recent Timetric report, emerging technologies such as mobile applications (apps) and 3D modelling are becoming essential to the construction sector, enabling companies to boost efficiency and cut clunky processes.

The recently published Timetric report Emerging Technology in Construction investigated construction industry attitudes towards emerging technologies including: augmented reality, mobile apps, drones, 3D printing, 3D modelling, cloud technology, virtual engineering, the internet of things and autonomous vehicles.

Within construction companies, the project management division had adopted the most innovative technologies. This has impacted the way projects are planned, carried out and analysed through the entire construction process.


The report uncovered the most popular technology used in the construction sector is mobile apps. A large portion of respondents had already invested in mobile apps and planned to use them even more in the next two years. The second favoured technology was 3D modelling and the least utilised was autonomous vehicles.


According to the report, the key barrier to the construction sector’s uptake of new technology is cost. This would be the reason for higher use of mobile apps and lower investment in autonomous vehicles.

For those companies that have invested in new technology, the primary driver was increased productivity, with the second inducement being enhanced competitiveness.


The report’s findings were based on a survey of 150 industry executives conducted between July and September 2016.Of those surveyed, 16 per cent stated their company was a industry leader when adopting new technologies. Although, 41 per cent of respondents were open to innovations, only a small number had actually financed emerging technologies.However, the survey did reveal most companies in the construction industry planned to invest in these and other technology innovations in the near future – with less than 3 per cent of respondents claiming their organisation was resistant to incorporating new technology.


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