The mining industry is constantly looking for innovative solutions or products that enable them to drill deeper, faster and narrower. A truly innovative product or process will achieve one or more of these objectives while improving on financial and environmental costs.

Underground mines are increasingly outreaching their economies of scale by digging deeper than can remain cost-effective. Deep mines that are getting leaner in ore continue to challenge mining companies and require machines to perform larger scale drilling operations in a more safe and accurate manner.

Introducing Wassara, the high tech international minerals group, an innovative producer of processed iron ore products. Wassara have world-patented the water-powered down-the-hole (DTH) hammer, which has the following benefits:

  • It creates long, clean, stable and straight holes
  • It is a high performing drill
  • The drilling is safe
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It is cost effective

The equipment for blast hole drilling consists of:

  • Bits
  • Hammers
  • high pressure swivels
  • check valves
  • high pressure hoses
  • drill tubes
  • electric high pressure water hoses

In mining, exploration, ground engineering and dam rehabilitation, Wassara’s high powered water drill is an internationally used tool that is helping businesses across the globe to realise great potential.

One example of the efficiency of Wassara’s product is the case study of LKAB, the Swedish mining company who have attributed their 800% upscale in production to the DTH hammer.

LKAB Wassara AB, Water powered drilling proves efficiency in iron ore mine

LKAB have drilled over 18 million metres with the system, which allows them to drill long, straight and narrow holes with minimised cost.

Kent Boström, communications manager at LKAB Wassara said that “LKAB has been using this technology for their blast holes for over 20 years and has drilled more than 18 million meters, all well documented. We have completed it with more sizes and models that are used in ground engineering, dam rehabilitation and exploration drilling.”

LKAB have increased the length of their blast holes at their Kiruna mine, from 28 to 56 metres deep. This provided an additional 28 metres between the drifts and the levels, which subsequently provided a 70% reduction in the required number of development drifts.This has resulted in an outcome from each blast that is 8.3 times greater. And they achieve this with water, which reduces the risk of dust particles and oil mist to zero, as no oil additives are required.

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