There are over 70,000 building and construction companies listed in Australia. Of these, Resolute Equipment bring you the top 10 construction companies in Australia according to their size.

10. Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd

$912 million worth of contracts in the 2013/14 financial year. $521 million was in community contracts.

9. Parkview Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

$980 million worth of contracts in the 2013/14 financial year. $558 million was won in flats and units.

8. Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd

$1,115 million worth of contracts in the 2013/14 financial yaer. $891 million was won in civil contracts, but Downer EDI Works also made $255 million in mining contracts.

7. John Holland Pty Ltd

John Holland is broadly spread in their specialties. They made a total of $1,382 million in awarded contracts for the 2013/14 financial year, with $741 million in civil projects, $369 million in community projects and $145 in commercial projects, among others.

6. Watpac Australia Pty Ltd

Watpac is also fairly broad in their contracts. They were awarded $1,440 million in contracts and $777 million in community projects. They also completed $330 million in industrial projects and $127 million in industrial projects.

5. Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd

With a massive $1,552 million total in contracts won, Leighton Contractors are the third biggest company in mining, after CBI (which ranks at 12 on the list and doesn’t make the top ten as a mining only company). Leighton do a little bit of everything from all the categories of projects: civil, commercial, community, flats and units, industrial and mining.

4. BGC Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

BGC had over $1,608 million worth of awarded contracts for the period over 2013/14 financial year. They didn’t have all their eggs in one basket though, and much like Leighton Contractors, were well spread over the different project categories, with the most awarded in commercial ($632 million) and the least in industrial ($77 million). They also won a lot ($491 million) of civil contracts.


3. Brookfield Multiplex

Brookfield Multiplex took first place for the amount of work awarded in commercial projects, with a massive $1,496 million in this area alone. With a further $530 million in flats and units and a decent chunk of other project areas, Brookfield Multiplex are third on the list with over $2,505 million total awarded for the period.

2. Thiess Pty Ltd

Thiess have the majority of their contracts awarded in mining and civil projects. With $1,661 million in mining, it is the top contractor in the mining industry and was awarded a total $2,876 million in total.

1. Lend Lease Group

With a total of $4,936, Lend Lease are head and shoulders above their competition. The majority ($2,157 million) of their contracts were in civil construction, with a lot in construction and community projects as well.

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