If you haven’t seen part one of this two-part series detailing the winners of the 2016 Innovation Awards for the construction industry, you can go back and check it out now.

The two other major winners of the Equipment World Innovation Awards are specific products: the Volvo CE Density Direct compaction system and Vermeer’s Insite productivity tools.

Volvo CE Density Direct

In terms of heavy equipment innovations, this construction equipment is the clear winner of the 2016 Innovations Awards. The compactor, introduced at the World of Asphalt Show in March 2015, revolutionises the way in which we measure asphalt.

Previous compactors measure stiffness of asphalt while the Volvo CE Density Direct measures the density of asphalt using a complex algorithm.

Volvo says that they have been researching and developing the new compactor system for over a decade. It allows operators to measure density in real-time, which allows for quality control, not just quality assurance.

Vermeer’s Insite productivity tools

Vermeer started to develop their Insite productivity tools when they realised that the software and construction technology software and heavy equipment were not the major cause of downtime, but missed steps in the innovation process were. Field progress requires mountains of paperwork, planning, and execution.

It’s not getting the job done that takes up the most time, it’s getting organised. Insite productivity tools make it possible to drastically reduce the amount of downtime in organising a job.

With smartphones now in everyone’s pockets, Insite developed their suite of products aimed at contractors. Contractors can now ensure they understand exactly what each machine is doing at all times.

“Every contractor is faced with the challenge of growing their profit margins, and that’s much easier to do with the productivity gains that tools like this can give,” says Nathan Copeland, Vermeer’s engineering manager.

Heavy equipment innovations are what keep Australia accelerating. You can keep up to date with construction equipment innovations with Resolute Equipment. Call Resolute Equipment to discuss how 2016’s innovations can help your business to be more efficient and productive.