Caterpillar’s D11T bulldozer is an icon of the mining and construction industry. It’s a thoroughbred powerhouse that can dig up the toughest ground and rip through just about any task with ease.

It may be big and heavy and as subtle as a sledgehammer, but controlling the D11T bulldozer actually takes quite a bit of skill.

Until just a few years ago, most new bulldozer drivers learned to operate these behemoths by taking the wheel of a real life machine. But these days simulation is king, with new drivers using digital technology to familiarise themselves with simulated machines before they take the wheel for real.

The technology is proving so successful that Caterpillar has licensed the propriety machine information for its CAT D11T to an Australian company that’s training the next generation of dozer drivers.

Highly advanced Caterpillar D11T simulation

The D134 Conversion Kit by Immersive Technologies totally recreates the experience of operating a Caterpillar bulldozer using state-of-the-art digital technology and real life CAT controls that work just like the real thing.

The conversion kit combines a replica D11T cab with fully functional controls and an Advisor Monitoring System that guides new drivers through a thorough training experience. The driver simply sits in the cab and operates the machine, with a digital screen simulating the outside world and the controls responding to any inputs.

Best of all, Immersive Technologies developed its CAT D11T simulator in partnership with Caterpillar to ensure the kit is as close to real life as possible.

Safer, more cost effective training

Regular training for bulldozer drivers can be extremely expensive, eating up fuel and causing wear and tear on the machines. But with Immersive Technologies’ D11T simulator, there’s no limit to the amount of training that can be done – just switch it on and get cracking.

This training method also places safety at the forefront, allowing new bull dozer drivers to gain lots of experience before they take the controls of the real life version. This ensures that a new driver has lots of hours under their belt, making them a more effective operator in the long run.

Resolute Equipment is the real life CAT specialist

If you’re in the market for a new or used CAT D11T or parts and attchments, make sure your workforce is up to speed by using a simulator like the D134 Conversion Kit from Immersive Technologies.

Then, come see us for the real thing – Resolute Equipment stocks a huge range of Caterpillar products including the CAT D11T dozer and others, as well as many other major brands, such as Komatsu and Hitachi. Give Resolute Equipment a call on 1300 308 840 or contact us – we’ll show you the real deal.