Caterpillar has released two new motor graders – the 18M3 and the 16M3 – as part of its CAT 24M graders minesite vehicles range.

16M3 – new and improved

The 16M3 Motor Grader has improved fuel economy, higher structural durability, easier maintenance and better safety, CAT says. As an added bonus, the new model is also easier to operate as its functions make it more convenient to manoeuvre.

The 16M3 features a 4.9 metre mouldboard that can take an average weight of more than 32 tonnes, perfect for work using trucks that are 136 tonnes or less.

Easier to operate

One of the benefits of the new 16M3 model is that it has an ‘OK to start’ feature that will look at the engine coolant, oil and hydraulic oil measurements to ensure the engine is operating at its highest efficiency when turned on. The system will let the driver know when the levels drop, making vehicle maintenance easier and more efficient.

When driving, the Caterpillar grader design uses a CAT direct-drive, power-shift transmission that has multiple gears – eight that go forward and six for reverse. And with the CAT Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) system, gear changes are smoother than ever.

18M3 – a standout model

The 18M3 Motor Grader is a step up from the 16M3, with higher productivity levels and improved capability. For example, gears can be changed to add an extra 5% power, and the mouldboard and blade lengths are longer. This added length means gradients can be shifted to an eight degree angle, creating a reduction in blade loads. This, coupled with higher power, weight and balance, means cutting passes can have increased productivity.

The engineering design of the new 18M3 model has been created with protection in mind. The front axle, fire transmission and transmission guards work at ensuring the vehicle is not damaged by debris and combustion.

Efficient operation with the 18M3 model

The brake and loading systems on the new 18M3 are very efficient thanks to the high spec engineering of the hydraulic systems. The brakes are extra efficient because of the high dynamic braking torque design, and because the disc wear measurements have been simplified, maintenance no longer requires the removal of brake pods to test the wear and tear on the vehicle.

New safety features on the 18M3 include indicators if you forget to fasten your seat belt, steering that is ultra-sensitive to speed and a new rear-view camera.

Key features of the CAT 24M Motor Grader

The CAT 24M Grader is designed to help you build and maintain haul roads needed to support maximum efficiency in large mining operations.  Its unprecedented operator comfort and ease of service help to maximise your return on investment. If you need to know more about the benefits and features of this powerful CAT 24M Grader, check out our article on all you need to know about the CAT 24M Grader.

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