If there’s one company in the world right now that’s synonymous with the cutting edge of heavy earth moving equipment and parts, it’s ESCO.

ESCO is famed for producing tough, flexible and innovative ground engagement products like toothed scoops and buckets for highway and heavy construction equipment. There will be few job sites without an ESCO product in use.

Our series on the best mining and construction equipment brands continues now with a look at the history of ESCO – one of the most influential manufacturers of wear parts such as ground engaging tools (GET), buckets and dragline rigging for the construction, energy and mining sectors worldwide.

ESCO’s steel foundations

ESCO was established in 1913 in Portland, Oregon, to supply steel products to the Pacific North West’s growing timber felling industry.

The founder of the company was a 21 year old man called CF Swigert, who established what was then called the Electric Steel Foundry, first servicing and then making uniquely designed products like wheels and gears.

A few years down the line, Swigert’s son Ernie was travelling in Washington State and stumbled upon the Everett Steel Casting Company. Seeing as his dad’s company was often called ES Company or ESCO for short, it seemed natural to buy the Everett name. So for a sum of $500, ESCO was born.

Breaking new ground for over a century

As the years went by, ESCO switched its focus from steel products for the timber industry to making steel products for the construction and mining sectors, designing innovative and durable tools for diggers, cranes and lifting equipment.

Perhaps the most famous product from ESCO is its patented two-piece Conical tooth system – a ground engagement tool for earth moving buckets that, thanks to constant updates, is still the industry standard for earth moving machinery.

Another massive innovation from ESCO was its pioneering of a process called argon oxygen decarburization. Also known as AOD, this method of steelmaking produces alloys of high purity and durability that make ESCO’s products almost unbreakable.

These days, ESCO employs over 5,000 people in 28 nations worldwide – not bad for a company that began tinkering with steel in the forests of Oregon!

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