All you need to know about the CAT D11T

Dozers are a vital part of any earthmoving operation, be it in mining or construction. On big jobs, you need a machine that’s powerful, durable, and at the same time versatile, fuel efficient and safe to operate.
Fortunately, Caterpillar’s large dozers are built for demanding work, and their largest is the D11T Dozer (which includes the D11T CD). Powered by an impressive C32 engine, the D11T combines performance and efficiency, making it ideal for those big jobs.

In this article, we provide a complete guide to the CAT D11T, list some of its key features and help you find new and used dozers for sale.

Performance and Efficiency

Cat D11T The D11T Dozer is powered by a Caterpillar C32 ACERT engine that performs at a full rated net power of 634 kW (850hp) at 1,800 rpm with a high torque rise or 21 per cent. This immense power allows the D11T to doze through tough material easily.

Its ADEM A4 electronic control module manages fuel delivery and air flow to get the best performance per litre of fuel used, while air-to-air after cooling brings more cool air into the engine, which increases power generation, lowers emissions and improves fuel efficiency.

Smart Systems

Reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity are top priorities when designing machinery like the D11T Dozer. That’s why CAT has incorporated a range of smart system, including:

Automatic Blade Assist – Makes use of pre-set blade pitch positions to increase efficiency and reduce operator workload.

Autoshift Mode – Enables the operator to pre-set a forward or reverse gear for fast and efficient directional changes.

Minestar™ – Contains a range of technologies that let operators manage everything from fleet assignment and condition monitoring to remote and autonomous control.

VIMS™ 3G – Provide detailed, up-to-the minute data about its health and working conditions of the machine.

Autocarry (optional) – Monitors ground speed and automatically adjusts blade load.

Safety and Serviceability

People are the backbone of your business, and keeping them safe and productive is the number one priority. As such, the D11T comes with a variety of technologies and features to ensure safe operation and provide ease of access for serviceability:

Operator presence detection. Locks out the powertrain and hydraulics when operator is mounting/dismounting the machine.
Heavy duty steps, guardrails and handles. These are strategically placed to safeguard the operator outside the cab.

Spectator sound reduction. This includes sound reducing idlers and sprocket segments, a full set of sealed bottom guards, and solid engine compartment enclosures and insulation.

Visibility packages (optional). This includes a WAVS camera system and mirrors inside and outside the cab.
Fast fuel system. This reduces fuel waste and decreases downtime.
Modular design. Allows crews to swap out a component with a pre-tested rebuilt or remanufactured unit that puts the machine back to work faster.

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