10 Largest Gold Producing Nations 2015

It has been a tough few years for the gold industry. While China’s gold production has continued to boom in 2014, it has been a different story for many other countries.

In our list of the 10 biggest gold producing nations for 2015, it actually reveals that the majority of countries show only slightly higher production rates for 2014. Some, even show negative growth. It’s an interesting read, and with that, we give you the world’s top gold-producing countries, as reported by 2015 Gold Survey by GFMS.

1. China

2014 Output: 461.8 tonnes

Not only is China the biggest producer of gold, but a significant margin, it is also the biggest consumer. In fact, consumption reached an incredible 886 tonnes in 2014, which amazing still is actually down 24.7% from 2013.

2. Australia

Australia is holding on to the World No. 2 spot as with previous years. However, with a falling Australian dollar combined with a fall in the price of gold, miners were reported to have mined their richest deposits to maintain a profit, as well as concentrating on cutting costs.

Super Pit Gold Mine Kalgoolie. Image Credit: Wikipedia.org

3. Russia

2014 Output:  262.2 tonnes

Russia has a stellar year of growth, which saw gold production rise as much as 27% in the first half of the year, one source reported.

4. USA

2014 Output:  205.0 tonnes

Gold production dropped for the US in 2014, which meant Russia leapfrogged to the World No.3 spot. The US has more than 45 lode mines, with their largest mines in Alaska.

5. Peru

2014 Output:  172.6 tonnes

There was a decrease in Peru’s gold production for 2014, due to a reported crack down on illegal operations and lower-than-expected output from some of their aging mines.

6. South Africa

2014 Output:  163.8 tonnes

Gold production has been on the decline in South Africa, which is not that unexpected given that roughly 64% of the world’s gold was produced in South Africa in 1983. Gold production for 2014 was down 10 tonnes from 2013.

7. Canada

2014 Output:  153.8 tonnes

Canada’s gold production rose in 2014 by approximately 35 tonnes. However, after a year of losses the Canadian gold industry shifted its focus to cost reductions and capital expenditure cuts.

8. Mexico

2014 Output:  118.2 tonnes

Recent exploration has yielded new discoveries, and yet Mexico’s gold production saw a slight dip for 2014. Let’s see how the next few years play out.

9. Indonesia

2014 Output:  116.4 tonnes

Indonesia’s output grew by just under seven tonnes.

10. Ghana

2014 Output:  108.2 tonnes

Coming in with a strong 90 tonnes of gold, Ghana takes the World No. 10 spot. Ghana’s growth was stable for 2014 despite falling prices causing several mines to suspend operations.

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