A History of Mack Trucks

It’s only through understanding our past that we can truly appreciate the present, which is why we at Resolute Equipment have been dedicated a series of blog posts to looking at the history of some of the mining and construction industry’s great greats. Today, we look at the history of Mack trucks, one of the world’s leading machinery manufacturers.

About Mack trucks: from small beginnings

In 1890, John ‘Jack’ Mack started work at a carriage and wagon company in Brooklyn, New York. After three years, Jack and his brother Augustus ‘Gus’ Mack, bought the company, Fallesen & Berry, and hired a third brother, William Mack, to help run the company. By 1894, the brothers turned their attention to working with steam and electric powered motor cars.

Moving into the big leagues

As the company greeted the turn of the century, Jack Mack started dreaming bigger than just motorcars. Inspired by iconic inventors such as the Wright brothers and Henry Ford, the Mack Brothers Company was established in 1902 and began the manufacturing of rail cars and locomotives. In 1911, the company merged with the Saurer Motor Truck Company, and began the production of heavy trucks and construction equipment.

Mack Trucks and the trademark bulldog logo

In 1922, the Mack Brothers Company official changed its name to Mack Trucks, reflecting its growing role in the America’s construction industry. Throughout World War One, the company built thousands of trucks for the American and British war effort. It was during this time that the company acquired its trademark logo, a bulldog, when British soldiers said that the design of Mack Trucks reminded them of the breed.

Recent years and acquisition by Volvo

In 2001, Mack Trucks was acquired by the Swedish company, Volvo, and are now sold in almost fifty countries across the world. Despite its change of ownership, Mack remains a powerful symbol of American history and one of the construction industry’s finest manufacturers.

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