This week, to continue with our series focusing on the history of mining companies we’ve picked Hitachi, a Japanese mining and construction equipment manufacturer with a history over 100 years old.

Hitachi is one of the world’s best known manufacturers of industrial equipment. In its first century in business, the Japanese conglomerate has made itself a respected name in a wide variety of industries, including electronics, construction and telecommunications.

The origin of Hitachi

Hitachi was formed over a hundred years ago in 1910. The founder of the company was electrical engineer Namihei Odaira, who was based in the Ibaraki Prefecture, in the Kantō region of Japan. The company was initially formed in-house at a mining company in the city of Hitachi, hence its name. The word “hitachi” also means “sunrise.” In 1918, due to his success, Odaira moved the headquarters of Hitachi to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. During the twentieth century, the company went global, branching out into the US and Europe. As of 2012, it was ranked 38th in the Fortune Global 500.

The construction machinery products Hitachi specialise in

  • Hydraulic excavators
  • Mechanical and hydraulic cranes
  • Mining dump trucks
  • Wheel Loaders
A history of Hitachi

Hitachi in the mining and construction industry

Namihei Odaira’s first product was a 5-horsepower electric induction motor. Originally developed for use in copper mining, it was the first of its kind in Japan. This shows that Hitachi was at the forefront of technological innovation from the start, and despite being known for such a wide variety of products today, the company has a strong, long-lasting connection to the mining and construction industries.

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