Best tips for protecting earth moving equipment from fire.

When it comes to fires, earthmoving equipment presents a particularly dangerous risk. First up, the machinery’s operation is often dependent on hydraulic fluids, which can catch on fire when under extreme pressure.

Second, it is made up of components that ignite easily and are often placed threateningly close to sources of heat. However, with the right care, earthmoving equipment can be perfectly safe – on even the hottest of days. Here are some tips for keeping your gear – and your workers – well protected.

Know the nitty gritty details

According to Australian law, anyone who oversees a construction or mining site is obliged to meet particular regulations. Failing to respect these can lead not only to physical danger, but also to financial penalties. So the first step is to get to know the regulations governing your operation.

Order a risk assessment

It’s crucial to order a risk assessment, which will inform you of the fire risks posed by your site, and outline the best protection procedures for your particular gear. This risk assessment should comply with Australian Standard (AS) 5062-2006: Fire Protection for Mobile and Transportable Equipment.

Vehicle fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers

Every vehicle should be fitted with a vehicle fire suppression system, often referred to as a VFS. Once it is installed, it should be serviced regularly, to meet AS 5062-2006. In addition, all new and used earthmoving equipment must have fire extinguishers on hand.

Clear signs

Any hazards must be marked clearly, as must all relevant protective equipment, including fire extinguishers, so that they’re accessible in an emergency.

Caterpillar D9R

Train your team

If a fire does happen to break out, the survival rate of both your gear and your workers will depend, largely, on how efficiently they respond. Make sure that you get your staff together regularly for training – in both dealing with fires and evacuating safely. Any new staff members should be trained before they start work. Check out our 3 quick tips for staying safe on the worksite.

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Take note that this article is intended as general advice only. Always comply with the particular health and safety accordance of your site or mine.