Caterpillar impresses with crazy stunts

It’s no secret that Caterpillar, better known as CAT, is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to earth moving equipment or quality Caterpillar spare parts. Recently there’s been some great things happening globally so we’ve compiled a few quick stories about their catalogue of crazy stunts, machinery milestones and green awards?

Caterpillar machines performing some crazy stunts

During the past few months, Caterpillar earth moving machinery has been caught on camera performing some pretty amazing stunts. Back in April, we saw five CATs playing a pretty intense, giant-sized game of Jenga. Unsurprisingly, the three-minute clip scored more than a million hits within 24 hours.

This time round we see a Wheel Loaders pulling some seriously impressive freestyle moves, now this is a testament to quality and durability of Caterpillar spare parts and machinery.

Caterpillar awarded for green practices

Caterpillar has been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index on at least twelve different occasions. The company is considered to be a world leader, particularly in the industrial engineering field, when it comes to sustainability and environmental awareness.

Back in June 2010, Caterpillar’s manufacturing branch, which is named Caterpillar Motoren, received an Environmental Award from Schleshiw-Holstein’s Economic Association. Schleshiw-Holstein is Germany’s most northern state. And last year, Caterpillar ran its very own Sustainability Awards, recognising both people and teams who are working hard to achieve the company’s sustainability goals for 2020.

Caterpillar machinery reaches milestone

On 20th August, 2014, Caterpillar HQ made an important announcement: the company has now produced more than 75,000 wheel tractor-scrapers, all made at their manufacturing premises in Decatur, Illinois. Those who know their CAT stuff may be aware that the mighty scraper, along with the motor grader, Caterpillar dozer and the track-type tractor, is one of the ‘product families’ that helped the brand to become so successful following the Second World War. At that time, people starting moving to the suburbs and the demand for excavation skyrocketed.

Today’s wheel tractor-scrapers offer old-school reliability in combination with cutting-edge technology, including high-pressure steering, payload monitoring, automated cycles, engine protection and fuel economy. All in all, they’re built for maximum efficiency, minimum complication with an extensive range of spare parts available.

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Being a global leader in heavy machinery it’s always good to brands like CAT pushing forward. Have any friends or work mates who live the Caterpillar brand? Share the good news with the social icons below.