Most mining and construction contractors know the importance of keeping earthmoving equipment performing optimally. It not only ensures maximum up-time, fuel efficiency and life, but it also enhances safety.

Breakdowns can occur at the most inopportune times and be time-consuming and expensive. If a replacement part or attachment is required, it may need to be sourced overseas, then shipped to site and installed. This can spiral into additional costs, projects going over schedule and, worse, personal injury or death.

The best way to avoid unwanted accidents and breakdowns is to implement a regular maintenance schedule that includes daily check-ups.
Resolute Equipment has some extra tips for keeping your fleet running smoother and safer for longer:

  • 1. Make sure the operator is appropriately trained in best-practice to drive the equipment they are managing. This assists with smooth performance, less wear and tear and prevents equipment and attachments being used incorrectly;
  • 2. This tip may be an obvious one, but it is best to always ensure the correct machines and attachments are used together and for the application;
  • 3. Expanding on the first two points, it is important to know your equipment limits and stick to them – don’t be tempted to stretch your excavator or dozer. This can cause added stress, wear and tear and lead to potential accidents;
  • 4. When the job is done for the day or you are expecting inclement weather, make sure your machines are adequately stored and protected from the elements.
  • 5. As well as frequently inspecting your machines, it is important to check attachments;
  • 6. Ensure wheels are inflated to manufacturer recommended PSI;
  • 7. Test brakes on a regular basis;
  • 8. Make sure trained technicians check engines for dirt and debris build-up;
  • 9. As with any vehicle, it is vital to regularly audit fluid and oil levels and purity,
  • 10. To avoid corrosion and overheating, it is important to habitually inspect cooling system performance;
Regular maintenance boosts site safety, saves time and money
  • 11. If you have or are considering using machine performance monitoring technology, it is a worthwhile investment. There are several monitoring systems on the market that can live stream equipment and fleet performance including diagnostic codes, location, fuel consumption and idle time. The technology can alert operators to potential problems before they occur and allow fleet managers to make sure equipment is being used efficiently. The technology can also help prevent heavy equipment theft.
  • 12. Collect and analyse the data to determine trends, which can improve fleet productivity. Also, having data at hand improves resale value – buyers know exactly what they are getting.
  • 13. Installing telematics technology in your heavy equipment such as your excavator or truck monitors operators for distraction and fatigue. This assists in preventing potentially fatal accidents and avoid downtime and costly repairs.
  • 14. Allocate time with your team to create an action plan for worst case scenarios. Each team member will know their responsibilities in the event of an accident or theft, etcetera. This streamlines reporting and procedures and can result in reduced downtime.
  • 15. Make the most of the intervals when your equipment is not in use by scheduling large servicing and maintenance to occur in these periods.

Keeping on top of these simple steps will help keep your fleet running and avoid unnecessary downtime, expenses and accidents.

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