The Australian climate is one of the harshest in the world; we can go from warm, sunny days to devastating floods within hours. In this article, we’re going to discuss what to do if your heavy machinery gets trapped in flood waters.

Don’t attempt to move anything during the flood

It’s important to remember never to drive or walk in flood waters. Not only does the fast-moving water endanger lives, but flood water can be contaminated and cause serious health issues. If you didn’t foresee the floods, and you think your construction or mining machinery is in danger, don’t attempt to move it while waters are still high – wait until they have receded.

What to do after the flood

After the flood water has receded, you should check with your insurance company to see what requirements are in place for repairs and replacements. Some insurance companies do not cover flooding at all, and some require that a piece of heavy machinery is fully evaluated by an assessor before any work can be undertaken.

Once the time has come to begin the clean up, and your insurance company is happy for you to start work on your heavy equipment, use the following tips to minimise your losses after a flood.

  • Mark the highest point reached by the water on each machine with a permanent marker or spray paint. This should be fairly easy to see, as the flood water will have left debris and mud on your machinery.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, start your machinery: disconnect the batteries where possible and take note of the components which may be damaged.
what to do if your heavy machinery is caught in a flood
  • If possible, use a portable pressure washer to rinse the outside of your machinery. You may also wish to remove drive shafts and tow the unit to a wash bay.
  • Inspect the cabin. If flood waters have entered the cabin, you will need to remove all floor mats before allowing the cabin to dry. Due to the contamination risks, it is important to wear gloves, breathing protection and to use a high quality disinfectant on all parts of the cabin, including those not affected by flood waters.
  • Apply grease to affected areas to flush out any remaining water.

It is now time to have your mining and construction machines assessed by an occupational health and safety professional, as well as a mechanic, before undertaking further repairs.

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