In an effort to meet new pollution laws and to reduce the carbon footprint of their machinery, Komatsu, John Deere, Caterpillar and many other construction and mining equipment manufacturers have turned their attention to hybrid and electric vehicles. The introduction of this technology to construction and mining equipment is expected to become an AU$30bn market by the year 2025.

What type of construction and mining equipment vehicles will be sold?

Komatsu and Caterpillar are focusing their attention on the larger vehicles, which will be hybrid, while other manufacturers will offer smaller, electric vehicles. The electric vehicles are expected to be used indoors and outdoors as they will meet legal requirements, while the larger will be purely for outdoor use. Electric vehicles will include cranes, lifters and other machinery.

What are the benefits of using alternative vehicles as construction and mining equipment?

The use of hybrid and electric vehicles allows construction and mining businesses to meet new pollution law targets, to boost the image of their company with the use of eco-friendly solutions, and to reduce operational costs. For instance, over 90% of mining operations globally occur in open cast mines. Situated in remote areas, these mines can be up to 4,000 metres above sea level, and as a result, the cost of shipping diesel can often outweigh the cost of buying the fuel. However, hybrid and electric mining equipment can mitigate these costs, with the new machinery often paying itself faster than conventional machinery.

alternative vehicles to revolutionise mining equipment

When will construction and mining equipment alternative vehicles be available?

Komatsu and Caterpillar are currently working on the design and manufacturing of their alternative vehicles, as are many other construction and mining equipment manufacturers. The release of the vehicles is expected to begin over the next the few years, with sales reaching over 253,000 units by 2025.

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