The science is in and it’s clear – climate change is real and we must slow the rate of warming that is occurring on our planet. At the same time, the mining and construction industries are necessary and they’re here to stay, but that’s not to say they are incompatible with valiant ‘green’ and sustainable efforts to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are being pumped into our atmosphere.

We all know how we can contribute to reducing these emissions: recycling, using less power and being more energy-efficient, driving smarter vehicles, planting a tree – the list goes on. But just as science has shown us that the climate is dangerously changing, technology is also speeding ahead when it comes to what can be done about those greenhouse gases.

Carbon capture and storage can really work

A new paper published by the authoritative American Association for the Advancement of Science publication Science reveals that a trial of one radical method of what is called carbon capture and storage (CCS) can; in fact, result in the “permanent disposal” of harmful CO2.

CCS is often criticised on the basis that the gas is actually only being compressed and can leak. Otherwise, the process of genuinely turning harmful CO2 into harmless materials can take hundreds, if not tens of thousands of years, the world doesn’t have that long to wait!

Carbon becomes harmless in two years or less

But the trial of a groundbreaking process known as ‘CarbFix’ that has taken place in Iceland showed that carbon can not only be safely and permanently stored in rocks, but that 95% of the carbon mineralised in less than 2 years. “Our results, therefore, demonstrate that the safe long-term storage of anthropogenic CO2 emissions through mineralisation can be far faster than previously postulated,” the Abstract of the Science report concluded.


Geological cross-section of the CarbFix injection site


It is enormously promising news for the world, and is the result of a decade of work by a group of international scientists, including the environmental professor Wallace Broecker, who famously coined the term “global warming“. They studied the entirely natural process of how our fascinating Earth turns CO2 into harmless materials and have worked tirelessly to find a way for it to occur much, much faster than the thousands of years that it needs. And the really good news is that the rocks needed for the storage of the CO2 do not just occur in Iceland – the entire ocean floor has a one kilometre thick basaltic crust, which is enough ‘storage space’ for centuries of CO2 emissions.

We strongly believe that those in the mining and construction industries, including mining equipment suppliers such as Resolute Equipment, must be fully supportive of these sorts of efforts to ensure we leave our planet to our grandchildren in good shape for the centuries ahead. So, if you feel as strongly as we do, give us a call at 1300 30 88 40 and find out about our range of mining equipment for sale and how we can help you through our catalogue of thousands of parts and attchments.

Image Source: Science