This video shows you everything you need to know about Caterpillar’s medium wheel loaders, the ‘M Series’ – one of the most versatile and fuel efficient pieces of earth moving equipment in the Caterpillar earth moving equipment range.

Focusing on the fuel efficiency of this popular Caterpillar construction equipment, the video highlights the performance of models such as the 966M, 966M XE, 972M, 972M EX, 980M and 982M.

Wheel loaders are a popular choice across a wide range of materials handling industries such as agriculture, construction, waste management, mining and landscaping due to their ease-of-use and manouverability.

The biggest difference between the new M Series and earlier wheel loader models is that Caterpillar has tweaked their engine design for machines above 175 horsepower to address the problem of making modifications to accept different grades of diesel fuel.

The M Series means no more modifications

A common problem for plant managers around the world is the different government regulations regarding fuel for earthmoving and non-road, diesel-powered machines. Machines that have been built to meet the toughest emissions requirements need to run on ultra-low sulphur diesel. These are classified in the USA as Tier 4 or Stage 4 in the EU.

The problem exists when construction, mining and earthmoving companies in less developed economies, with less stringent environmental controls want to use these newer, faster and more efficient machines. To adapt the CAT engines to take a less clean, high sulphur content diesel, modifications are made that can’t always be reversed, which seriously impacts on the resale value of what is otherwise a very high quality and durable machine.

State-of-the-art regeneration system

With the M Series, CAT has fixed this problem. The M Series machines feature a regeneration system that uses a combination of chemicals and heat to take care of the higher levels of sulphur in the fuel, enabling these machines to accept both premium ultra-low sulphur diesel that is a requirement in the USA and the EU as well as high sulphur content fuel which is still allowed to be used for off road diesel-powered vehicles elsewhere in Caterpillar’s global market.

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