As suppliers of equipment to the construction industry, we’re always pleased to find out more about the stories behind famous construction projects. Here are four well-known Australian constructions and some interesting facts about how they came to be built.
Sydney Opera House

1. Sydney Opera House

In the first stage of Sydney Opera House’s construction, the podium columns that were put into place weren’t strong enough to support the roof structure, so they had to be rebuilt. Construction was initially expected to cost $7 million, but with mistakes like these, it ended up costing $102 million by the end of the 14 year project.
Sydney Harbour Bridge

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

As it’s such a famous Australian landmark, you may be surprised to find out that 79% of the steel used in Sydney Harbour Bridge’s construction was imported from England – only 21% came from within Australia. Also, did you know that the top of the bridge’s arch rises and falls by around 180 mm due to changes in temperature?

Australia Square
By Elekhh (talk) – Own work (Original text: I (Elekhh (talk)) created this work entirely by myself.), CC BY 3.0,

3. Australia Square

Pier Luigi Nervi, a leading engineer, developed Australia Square’s structural system. It incorporates many advanced technological features of the time; according to the Australian Institute of Architects, these included: “patterned ribbing and tapering exterior columns in quartz faced precast concrete as permanent formwork – the tapering columns add emphasis to the height of the tower, further emphasising its elegance.” When it was constructed, Australia Square was the tallest lightweight concrete structure in the world.
Shine Dome
By Bidgee – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

3. Australia Square

Shine Dome was a radically unique design at the time it was built, so there were many unknowns when construction started. Some engineers and architects doubted it could be successfully built because they didn’t know how they’d be able to calculate the stresses a 710 tonne concrete dome perched on top of 16 slender supports would create. Fortunately, they were able to test this in the end by creating a 1/40 scale model.

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