As well as selling the most durable earthmoving equipment brands, Resolute Equipment prides itself on selling the most reputed parts and attachments.

Resolute Equipment sells five primary parts and attachment brands including the big three: Caterpillar, Hitachi and Komatsu.

Its other two main parts and attachment brands are: Liebherr and ESCO. Similar to Caterpillar, Komatsu and Hitachi, both of these brands have long histories that span decades. Liebherr and ESCO have also survived volatile economic cycles and emerged stronger than ever.


As with Resolute Equipment’s other brands, Liebherr has a strong global reputation and well-developed history within the mining equipment sector.

Family-owned Liebherr was established when a small construction firm in South Germany invented the mobile tower crane in 1949.

With Hans Liebherr at the helm and a post-war Germany requiring rebuilding, the company continued to grow. The small construction company evolved into a manufacturer of construction machines.

Unlike its counterparts, Liebherr looked beyond machinery and vehicles and began manufacturing refrigerators. By the 1960s the company had branched into aeronautical equipment manufacturing – which is no mean feat, considering the exacting criteria of this sector.

With production sites across the globe manufacturing its wide product range, Liebherr has remained committed to quality and diversity. This commitment has been the company’s driving force for growth.

Despite challenging headwinds in the global economy, Liebherr achieved record sales revenue in 2015.
For the 2015 financial year, provisional results reveal Liebherr sales revenue rose 5 per cent on 2014 to €9.2 billion.

Although the mining sector has experienced a downturn, Liebherr’s higher revenue in 2015 was, surprisingly, spurred by its construction and mining machinery division. This division included earthmoving, mining, mobile and tower cranes and concrete technology and recorded a 6.4 per cent year-on-year increase to €5.6 billion.

The company’s revenue growth was powered by several regions including Australia.


ESCO has been in existence for more than a century – celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2013. C F Swigert was the entrepreneur behind the company, developing it in various contracting guises, expanding into steel manufacturing before moving into manufacturing products.

By 1960 the company formally adopted the ESCO name and continued to expand into the diversified global manufacturer it is today, servicing mining, construction and oil and gas industries.

Since its humble steel manufacturer beginnings, the company has grown into a global manufacturer of parts and services for mining, construction and oil and gas industries.

Similar to the other brands Resolute Equipment sells, ESCO’s longevity has been due to innovation and its ability to flex with ever-changing technologies and market conditions.

Today, the current innovation theme for the equipment, parts and attachment producers is enhancing operational efficiency and reducing time and costs.

At a time when the resources industry faces shrinking profit margins and slowed growth, these innovations benefit owners, with improved reliability and reduced operating costs.

Resolute Equipment knows the history of its equipment, parts and attachments. We pride ourselves on selling only the most reputed and reliable brands so that our customers can depend on us for the right equipment for the job.

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