Whether you are a construction, agricultural or civil contractor, we at Resolute Equipment are aware how important it is to reflect environmental awareness in the field of construction. If you want to keep up with your competition, you need to be prepared for requests for environmentally-friendly residential and commercial construction projects.

Sustainable, eco-friendly construction is becoming increasingly popular, so check out the infographic for some of this year’s leading green building trends.

Green trends in 2016

One of the largest trends emerging is steel framing. While steel has been a popular frame material since the 1800s, recycled steel frames are gaining popularity as a sustainable building material. Recent studies have revealed that a steel frame for a 2,000 square foot two storey home can be created by recycling six cars, whereas nearly an acre of trees would be needed to produce an equal sized wooden frame.

Likewise, eco-friendly concrete alternatives, such as Ashcrete, are becoming increasingly popular as they are made predominantly from recycled materials. Eco-friendly flooring surfaces, such as bamboo and cork, and recycled materials such as wood, glass, plastic, ceramics and stone, are also vital to green construction projects.

Another key trend is the emergence of cool and green roofs. Cool roofs use reflective paints and specialised tiles to detract sunlight and keep buildings cooler. Green roofs, on the other hand, include rooftop gardens that reduce the temperature of the roof and the surrounding air, while also reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The use of compressed earth blocks is also gaining popularity, due to the fact they are more sustainable and energy efficient than wood or concrete alternatives. There is also a push to invest in local, renewable masonry services to reduce environmental impact.

Machinery and equipment from Resolute Equipment

New construction hybrid machinery such as the Komatsu HB205-1 and HB215LC-1 are said to be some of the most environmentally sustainable machines available on the market today. They require less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide, reducing their overall environmental impact. If you require machinery and equipment for your next green construction project, contact Resolute Equipment today.

green construction trends in 2016