Over 70 million copies of Minecraft game have been purchased by kids and their parents – all over the world.

For anyone not familiar with it, Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox videogame, which is like a digital form of Lego, offers a virtual world for your character to explore and you have the ability to ‘craft’ wood and ‘mine’ underground minerals – including diamonds – to create houses, tools and armor to survive the nightly onslaught of dangerous “mobs” of zombies and creepers.

But back to the question of where diamonds are more valuable – the real world or the Minecraft world – and the answer isn’t quite so clear cut. In Minecraft, the only mineral more valuable than a diamond is the elusive emerald. In the real world, the 12.03 carat Blue Moon diamond was sold in 2015 for $US48.4 million but carat for carat, diamonds aren’t the rarest of gems.

In the real world, the diamonds we commonly see are the decorative ones in jewellery, but just as in Minecraft, diamonds are used and highly valued for their use in cutting, grinding, drilling and polishing, due to their unbeatable hardness and heat conductivity.

Check out this infographic on Mining vs Minecraft that compares mining in Minecraft (which the author states is not that hard!) versus real lifediamond mining.

We can’t promise diamonds that will make beautiful jewellery, but we do have earthmoving equipment, parts and attachments that can be used in the real world just as a pick axe, shovel and bucket can be used in Minecraft. If you need mining equipment for sale or mining equipment parts for real world drilling, mining or construction, contact us at Resolute Equipment.

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