All you need to know about the new Caterpillar 854K Wheel Dozer

Mining and construction depends on dozers for any earthmoving operation. If you have a big job, look no further than the new Caterpillar 854K Dozer. This wheel dozer is built for the toughest conditions and exhibits prime durability.
Caterpillar have outdone themselves with improved power and control on their latest earthmover, with the hydraulics demonstrating the ability to move more and make more. All while sporting best-in-class comfort and ergonomics for the operator.

In this post, we provide a complete guide to the brand new Caterpillar 854K Dozer, list some of its key features, and help you find new and used dozers for sale.

Performance and efficiency

Powered by the impressive CAT C32 Acert Engine, the Caterpillar 854K Dozer is the largest in the Cat wheel dozer line. The Acert Engine is the same one that powers Cat’s large dozer range, boasting a performance of full rated net power of 676 kW at 1,750 rpm with a high torque rise of 30%. The 12-cylinder, four-stroke design delivers optimum performance. Talking of torque – lower your cost per ton by harnessing the power of advanced ICTC (impeller clutch torque converter) and RCS (rimpull control system) for modulated rimpull.

This robust structure is designed to achieve high performance against the toughest loading conditions.

Smart systems

Reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity are top priorities when designing machinery like the Caterpillar 854K Wheel Dozer. That’s why Cat have incorporated a range of smart systems, including:

  • The VIMSTM 3G (Vital Information Management System) electronic control – a completely integrated module allows for multiple operators to set up profiles to decrease transition time between operators.
  • STICTM Control System – the Steering and Transmission Integrated Control System offers maximum responsiveness and control, combining directional selection, gear selection and steering into a single lever.
  • Minestar – utilise a range of technologies that are designed to allow operators to manage every aspect of fleet assignment and condition monitoring.

Safety and serviceability

Your workforce is only as good as it is safe. That’s why the Caterpillar 854K Dozer comes with a range of safety features and provides ease of access for serviceability.

This Cat dozer features:

  • Easy machine access – wider stairs, non-skid walkways, windshield cleaning platforms, emergency egress access and a safer communications platform all increase ease of access for operators. The Cat power access system allows easier access to the primary stairs.
  • Increased visibility – cab mounted LED warning beacons and HID lights feature alongside many optional features, including pull-down shades and heated mirrors and the Cat Detect object detection system.
  • Protective cab – decreased sound and vibration, training seat facilities and standard seat belts create a protective environment for operators.

Serviceability time is reduced by longer service intervals on fluids and filters, grouped service points on ground level and platform access, swing-out doors, ecology drains and centralised remote pressure taps.

Earthmovers with the impressive force of this Cat 854K are made for large mining operations and power generating utilities. If you need versatility and mobility, this Cat dozer is the go-to for large-scale construction sites and mines.

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