Some of Resolute Equipment’s best-selling plant and equipment brands have been around for many decades. These brands have withstood several booms and busts and used these cycles to innovate, refine and expand.

Celebrating Hino’s 50th year in Australia

This week, we will look at where it all began forHino, which celebrated its 50th year in Australia in 2015.

Hino’s humble beginnings date back more than 100 years ago to 1910 when the company started out as the Tokyo Gas Industry Company in Japan. Prior to producing trucks, Hino’s predecessor manufactured gas lighting products.

Due to fierce competition in gas lighting, Hino expanded its products to included electronic parts. The company’s products and services grew further and within seven years of incorporation, Hino created its first A-type truck.

Influenced by demand dynamics and advancing technology,Hino’s product offeringbroadened again. During the 1940s, Hino had begun producing heavy-duty tractors and trailers as well as manufacturing coach and diesel engines during the 1940s.


The Hino name was coined in 1942 when the company’s plant division separated from the then named Diesel Motor Industry Co Ltd. The plant division was christened Hino Heavy Industry and focused on creating military track-laying vehicles.

By 1948, the company was developing an array of heavy-duty diesel engine trucks and the following year, in 1949, Hino listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Hino powered into the 1950s with the launch of its heavy-duty TH10 8-tonnetruck. This vehicle was considerably larger than existing Japanese trucks at the time.

Expansion into overseas markets was the theme in the 1960s, with the first international sales company established in Thailand in 1962. By 1965, Hino was producing in Thailand and had sold its first vehicle in Australia.

Also during the 1960s, Hino introduced Japan’s inaugural 3.5-ton medium duty truck which was labelled the Hino Ranger KM.

An BUSINESS alliance with Toyota was made

In 1966, Hino formed a business alliance with Toyota Motor Co Ltd and Toyota Motor Sales Co Ltd.

Throughout the 1980s, Hino expanded its truck range to include redesigned Kaze-No-Ranger Series and Super Dolphin Series which were medium and heavy-duty trucks, respectively.

By 1988, Hino had sold 500,000 units of the Ranger series trucks within Japan alone.

During the 1990s, Hino grew its truck range and jointly developed the DUTRO light-duty truck with Toyota Motor Corporation in 1999.


Two years later, in 2001, Toyota Motor Corporation acquired Hino through a private placement.

Further innovations and redesigns led to the company’s maiden light duty hybrid truck in 2003 followed by several other models. For the first time, in 2007, Hino had sold more trucks and buses overseas than within Japan, with exports reaching 1,000,000 units.

The company’s global expansion efforts continued during the 2000s and beyond, with Hino trucks being manufactured in many countries including the United States, South America, Indonesia, Russia and China.

The trailblazer in Australia’s hybrid truck market

During that time, Hino was a trailblazer in Australia’s hybrid truck market, introducing the country’s first hybrid truck models. And by 2014, more than 150 Hino truck models were available in Australia, including nine hybrids.

In order to survive several economic cycles, Hino’s motto, throughout the decades, has been to continue refining its trucks and expanding into global markets. The company has flexed its product line to match consumer demand and technological advancements. This motto has resulted in more reliable and innovative trucks and is backed by Hino’s after sales support, service and warranties.

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